Not sure if your sneezing is due to a cold or hayfever? Answer the following questions to figure out what’s causing your symptoms, so you can treat them accordingly. 

Is it allergies or cold: runny nose?

Do you have a runny nose?

YES, it’s like Niagara Falls: If it’s a thin, clear discharge, it’s most likely a sign of allergies. However if it’s thick and sticky, then it’s most likely a cold.

NO, my nose isn’t runny: The most common symptom of allergies or a cold is a stuffy, runny nose. So, you probably don't have either!

Is it allergies or cold: fever?

Is your body temperature normal?

YES, it’s 37° degrees Celsius: Hayfever usually doesn’t cause a fever.

NO, I have a fever: Ugh. One of the worst things about a cold is the fever that may accompany it.

Is it allergies or cold: aches and pains?

Are you free of aches and pains?

YES, my body feels OK: hayfever is not usually accompanied by an aching body.

NO, I’m achy: An aching body typically means that you have a cold rather than allergies.

Is it allergies or cold: symptoms devlop quickly?

Did your symptoms develop quickly?

YES, they developed quickly: Hayfever allergy symptoms flare up as soon as you come in contact with an allergen, so this could mean you have hayfever allergies.

NO, they developed slowly: Cold symptoms usually take several days to develop.

Is it allergies or cold: hot or cold?

Is the weather warm?

YES, it’s warmer outside: Hayfever is more common during the warmer months when the air is filled with pollen.

NO, brrrr it’s chilly outside: Colds are more likely to develop in colder weather.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you most likely have hayfever. There are many different types of hayfever symptoms, but if nasal congestion seems to be the biggest problem, RHINOCORT® can help.