Before you use your RHINOCORT® you need to get the bottle ready to use, AKA primed. Here’s a helpful guide on how you do just that.

More in-depth instructions can be found in the RHINOCORT® packaging insert.

Before you use your new RHINOCORT® Hayfever Spray, you need to get it ready, also known as priming the bottle. You need to prime a bottle if it’s brand new.

Step 1: To prime, first, gently shake the bottle.

Step 2: Then, open the protective cap and pump several sprays (5-10 times) into the air until you get a consistent fine mist

Step 3: The pump is now ready to use.

Just a quick note: if the bottle isn't used everyday, you will need to pump one spray into the air before you use it.

If you don't use it for more than two weeks, rinse the spray tip by following the instructions in the “How to Clean” found within the leaflet. Then re-prime until a fine mist appears.

Now you’re ready to use your RHINOCORT® Hayfever Spray like a pro!